Death of Print Newspaper is the Death of In-Depth Coverage


Obama taking a selfie, Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume, and the many, many emotions of Justin Bieber – all of these headlines fill my SnapChat Discover page. This is where teens are getting almost all of their news, according to Business Insider.

The death of the newspaper is the death of in-depth coverage – a true loss for our profession and for our generation. Millennials (or at least the ones I know) often take to their friends’ opinions without diving into their own. Overworked and overloaded, our generation has no choice but to consume concise news, but what are we missing?

SnapChat is best served as a supplementary means of consuming news, rather than a replacement. I’ll never quit my habit of reading the newspaper. It forces one to slow down. One study said millennials spend about three hours a day on their phones. Challenge yourself to replace mindless social media scrolling with a 50-cent copy of the local paper.


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