Premium Roast and Serenity


When I paint the perfect picture in my mind of my happy place, it resembles a coffee shop atmosphere. This does not include the corporate suppliers that thwart artists’ hope of enjoying a cup of coffee in an authentic environment. If I really wanted to sip my indulgence without acknowledging any tasteful surroundings, I would buy coffee at McDonalds. It would be a mistake for suppliers to think that the consumer pays that price for coffee just because of the taste. The only way to get anyone, especially college students, to open their wallets is to make them feel special. This must be done through careful design, an eye for discernment, and a genuine desire to provide a place for creativity and brainstorming. The Credo House is an undeniable archeological success in providing the ideal scholarly haven. The library is brilliantly stacked with theology and apologetics. The mood is warm. The coffee is just the right roast. The Credo House is somewhere to get lost in inspiration. It’s a place where writers will write, readers will read and students will learn. Pairing learning with the relaxing atmosphere reinforces the behavior. I believe that the perfect coffee house can stimulate not only the nervous system through caffeine, but also the mind through aesthetics. After all, a coffee lover is really just someone who knows they must do work, so they might as well enjoy the labor. Places like the Credo House disguise hard work as an opportunity to sit back and discover how to enjoy learning.


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