I’ll Have The Dirty Chai


       Aspen Coffee Company stands out in the brouhaha of the city. The entire building is aligned in pane glass windows allowing you to see the chaos of the city, but remain in the serene atmosphere with smells of hazelnut and espresso. On a normal afternoon I will fidget with anxiety in the Edmond traffic and count the things on my to do list. However, on this afternoon, there would be no neurotic pessimism. My order of choice, recommended by the happy-go-lucky barista, was a “dirty chai” latte and a warmed cinnamon scone. As I sat at the bar overlooking the unbroken stream of vehicles and commerce, I realized someone has likely been in this exact seat and noticed my apprehension as I impatiently waited for the light to turn green. From the driver’s seat, the traffic and obligations seem unending. From the bar stool, those stressors seem petty. It is no coincidence that Aspen coffee is placed in the heart of Edmond. It is too easy to get lost in the headaches of work, school, and relationships. It is better to sit back and appreciate the moment while watching the traffic go by than to consider it a waste of time and fuel. Click here to read about more ways to enjoy the traffic. Aspen may not be able to be reality of every day life, but it sure is a nice refresher. Don’t just go with the usual. Step out of the monotony. Drink Aspen coffee.


Premium Roast and Serenity


When I paint the perfect picture in my mind of my happy place, it resembles a coffee shop atmosphere. This does not include the corporate suppliers that thwart artists’ hope of enjoying a cup of coffee in an authentic environment. If I really wanted to sip my indulgence without acknowledging any tasteful surroundings, I would buy coffee at McDonalds. It would be a mistake for suppliers to think that the consumer pays that price for coffee just because of the taste. The only way to get anyone, especially college students, to open their wallets is to make them feel special. This must be done through careful design, an eye for discernment, and a genuine desire to provide a place for creativity and brainstorming. The Credo House is an undeniable archeological success in providing the ideal scholarly haven. The library is brilliantly stacked with theology and apologetics. The mood is warm. The coffee is just the right roast. The Credo House is somewhere to get lost in inspiration. It’s a place where writers will write, readers will read and students will learn. Pairing learning with the relaxing atmosphere reinforces the behavior. I believe that the perfect coffee house can stimulate not only the nervous system through caffeine, but also the mind through aesthetics. After all, a coffee lover is really just someone who knows they must do work, so they might as well enjoy the labor. Places like the Credo House disguise hard work as an opportunity to sit back and discover how to enjoy learning.

Oh! That’s What’s Missing!


Perk Place Café is a new age type of classy. The modern atmosphere would be a great place to have a quick lunch with a colleague or meet for informal interviews. The employees do their job with a debonair attitude about them. The appealing coffee shop is kid friendly and inexpensive. This is a great atmosphere for families and friends to socialize. This may not be the preferred seclusion for the college student looking to acquire free Wi-Fi while sipping on a warm latte and listening to Norah Jones’ soft, calming voice in the background. Restaurants are for coming hungry and leaving full. Coffee shops are for relaxing, reflecting, and often revitalizing. Perk Place feels more like a restaurant. There is no art to admire, and there are no bookshelves to browse. Call me a coffee snob, but I prefer a more quaint and calming area to study. If I am unable to hear the background music, I will not be able to focus on the book I am treating myself to. Music in the background is one of the most important components of a coffee shop. Perk Place would make my list of excellent coffee, however as a college student, it will not be a favorite coffee shop.