The Starbucks Cup is Half Empty


College students need coffee. We need coffee in the morning to get us through 8 a.m. lectures, we need it to get us through three-hour labs and we also need it to stimulate our bodies an arguably unhealthy amount the night before a mid-term. With that in mind, I was ecstatic to see a Starbucks within walking distance of my University when I first enrolled. My happiness was instantly aborted when I went to have a midnight study session and noticed that the Starbucks closes at 9 p.m. As a local coffee lover, this misfortune perked my interest. I know there is something about a cup of Joe and a secluded coffee shop that inspires studying. Starbucks is often too crowded or too loud. Coffee shops should beam with pleasant, bona fide luxury. I do appreciate the proximity and customer service; however, the inconvenient hours, crowded placement and universalized atmosphere exclude this particular chain of coffee shops from my favorites list. Other writers agree that Starbucks is overcome with corporate imitations. Starbucks will not make my list of ideal coffee shops.


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